Jet Ski Cancun Privacy Notice

Last update March 10, 2023

This privacy notice of NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV ("Jet Ski Cancun") is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information collected through its online services. NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV is domiciled at Boulevard Kukulcan, KM 9.5 Plaza Forum, CP 77500, in Cancún, Quintana Roo. For more information, please contact us at (+52) 998 277 4097 or by email at But we suggest that you read the rules below to understand how the information you provide will be used.

Type of information.

The information will be collected in different ways and from different areas of the website, All of the user's personal information that is entered into the electronic address is subject to security and privacy rules.Information to request:
1. surname(s) and name(s).
2. Email.
3. Telephone.
4. fiscal information for issuing invoices.

The information requested will allow for contacting customers when necessary. Users may be contacted by phone or email in the event that additional information is required to complete a transaction. Use The information provided during the registration process, registration to any program, and promotions is used to carry out internal studies on the demographics, interests, and behavior of users in order to provide products, services, content, and advertising according to their needs. Protection The security and confidentiality of the data that users provide to contract for a service or buy a product online will be protected by a secure server under the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, so the data sent will be transmitted encrypted to guarantee that it is protected. To verify that you are in a protected environment, make sure that an "S" appears in the navigation bar. Example: httpS://. However, and despite having more secure tools every day, the protection of data transmitted over the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100%, so once received, we will do everything possible to safeguard the information.


Cookies are small pieces of information that the website sends to the browser. They are stored on the hard drives of computers and are used to determine the preferences of users who access the electronic portal (, as well as to monitor certain behaviors or activities. Cookies make it possible to recognize users, detect the bandwidth they have selected, identify the most prominent information, calculate the size of the audience, and measure certain traffic parameters. Confidentiality When the user is on the website (, they will be sharing this information with NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV, unless otherwise specified. NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV has no obligation to keep any other information confidential that the user provides in newsletters and online chats (chats), as well as through cookies. The foregoing, in the terms provided in Article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law and Article 76 bis, Section I, of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, The information may only be disseminated in special cases, such as identifying, locating, or taking legal action against those persons who breach the conditions of service of the website (, cause damage to or interfere with NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV, its properties, other users of the portal, or any person who could be affected by such actions. NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV will not sell, give away, provide, or rent confidential information to third parties. If the user does not want their data to be shared, they may dispense with a specific service or refrain from participating in some promotions or contests. Unless expressly authorized by its subscribers or when a court order is required to comply with certain procedural rules, NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV will not share confidential information with third parties.

Modifications and updates

The personal data provided by the user will form part of a file that will contain their profile, which may be modified by the owner at any time using the assigned user or member and personal identification numbers, which may also be modified by telephone or email. The user is recommended to update their data periodically. Likewise, if you participate in promotions through email, you can disconnect this service at any time.

Confidentiality (minors)

Protecting children's information is very important, so the minimum information needed to provide services to this sector will be asked for.Parents and guardians should tell children how to use the Internet and give permission for any personal information to be sent.

Modifications to the privacy policies

NEGOCIOS ALTERNOS Y VENTAS DE MEXICO SA de CV reserves the right to make modifications to these privacy policies at any time and adapt them to new legislation, jurisprudence, and market practices. It is the user's responsibility to periodically read the privacy policies to be aware of such changes, which will automatically take effect as soon as they are entered on the website.